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The future of marketing

We provide a unique program for coaches, counsellors, teachers and those who want to make positive impact in the world.  Our program not only includes the marketing know-how, but also the tools, support and ‘done for you’ services.

Being authentic in our marketing is about bringing a higher state of awareness to our marketing and it’s impact.  It’s about creating a service that fulfils our customers needs, while giving them utmost respect.

At the core, an authentic marketing strategy makes our potential clients and customers aware that we’re here to serve them while having the responsibility to use an ethical approach.  In the long-term this will yield far greater results which go beyond business and into the way we live.  The future of marketing is authentic.

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Let’s create your customer journey.

Some call it marketing funnel, we like to call it ‘customer journey’.  We’ll help you plan and develop your customer’s journey from finding out about your services through to deciding to work with you and purchasing your services.

Attract authentic, ideal clients.

To be authentic literally means to be true to yourself.  This can only be done by discovering your true values, and working with customers who share those values too.

‘Done-for-you’ services.

As part of our program, we also includes things like templates, custom forms and PDF’s to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  We also provide other optional services such as landing page and website setup.

Our Client Reviews

What our customers say

I attempted to design a website on my own and although I fulfilled the task, I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I am grateful to the core of my being to have been introduced to Aneesh as he made our time together so much fun as well as highly imaginative. Truly listening to what I wanted and was always able to show me not only what I wanted but other options that I had not even thought about! He has such an incredible vision and radiates positive energy. I felt deeply inspired and motivated after each session. Everyone that has seen my website has responded with a “Wow!”. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a revamp on their website or to anyone that is starting out in their business.

Mei Wan

CEO, Mei Wellness

I’ve really enjoyed working with Aneesh on our revamped website.  He is considerate and goes the extra mile.  He takes pride in the quality of his work.  He takes the time to understand the needs of the client.  I would definitely work with him again.
Khyati Kapai

Yzer Solutions

Just updated our website so please take a look.  Aneesh has done an amazing job.

Leith Brown

CEO/Founder, BMindful

Frequently asked questions from our customers

How our program and services can help you

What's the price of the program?

This depends on your personal requirements, whether you need any of our services, or if you need further coaching etc.  Further details are provided on the webinar masterclass.

What's included in the program and what services do you provide?

Our program includes helping you to identify your ideal clients, clarify your niche and if required we can setup your website/landing page, conduct market research and much more. More details are provided on the webinar masterclass.  Please join to learn more.

How is the program delivered?

It’s a 100% online program, so you can access it from anywhere in the world – your own home, office, even on holiday 🙂

Who is it available to and who can join?

To provide the best service possible and to stay true to our values, the program does have an availability limit  as we can handle a certain number of clients.  We expect to have several start dates per year.

The best way to get started

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